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Why Iris


Defend personal information and secure digital profile

  • 24/7 Expertise and Online Resources – access to Iris’ certified identity theft resolution experts and online educational resources
  • Opt-out Services – reduce pre-approved credit card offers, direct mail campaigns and marketing phone calls that thieves can use to steal personal information
  • Digital Privacy Protection – keep personal information secure with a downloadable suite of protection software designed to stop hackers and block malicious websites


Track identity risk level and detect fraud early

  • Online Dashboard – easily monitor identity risk levels, track credit profiles, access identity theft protection tips and respond to alerts from one place
  • Advanced Identity Monitoring – fraud is detected at its inception as Iris scours the deepest corners of the Internet to search for compromised credentials and potentially damaging use of personal information
  • Credit Monitoring – access credit reports and scores to ensure accuracy of financial profiles


See suspicious activity and take action immediately

Alerts are sent if Iris detects:

  • Credit profile changes
  • High-risk transactions
  • Compromised credentials
  • Black market activity
  • New payday loans
  • New utility accounts


Repair problems quickly and easily with help from Iris’ experts

While many companies focus on data protection alone, Iris is dedicated to providing caring assistance to the person behind the data. Iris’ award-winning customer service specialists go above and beyond to ensure that the recovery process is as quick and hassle-free as possible.

Iris’ certified identity theft resolution specialists are available 24/7 to handle complex issues and help with:

  • Affidavit submission
  • Creditor notification and follow-up
  • Communications with law enforcement
  • Credit freezes
  • Lost wallet assistance
  • Fraud alert placement
  • Emergency cash, translation and travel arrangements
  • Legal counseling
  • Financial counseling
  • IRS identity theft services
  • Stress management

Iris also offers $1 million in identity theft insurance for reimbursement of expenses related to the recovery process.

Employee Benefits

An employee’s identity theft issue can quickly go from being their personal problem to a personnel problem.

Paperwork, phone calls, police reports. There is much to be done to make things right. Identity theft can take countless hours during the working day to resolve – hours of unfocused time in the office.

Offering identity protection is a valuable non-traditional benefit that demonstrates an employer’s commitment to employees’ wellbeing.

Iris is the perfect partner for identity protection in the workplace:

  • 100% customizable individual, couple and family plans that can fit the needs of any company, regardless of size
  • Voluntary or embedded programs that can be seamlessly integrated into any benefits package or platform
  • Quick and hassle-free implementation
  • Choice of white label, co-brand or Generali Global Assistance branded platform and materials
  • Marketing and messaging support to drive engagement with employees
  • Dedicated account manager to assist with set-up, roll out and maintenance


Are you a benefits provider or broker?

Adding Iris identity protection to your portfolio can give you a new advantage.
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Enterprise Solutions

As the threat of identity theft grows, people are turning to businesses and organizations they trust to provide the peace of mind to know they are protected in an increasingly connected world.

Generali Global Assistance is the identity protection engine for leading Fortune 500 companies and innovative institutions, protecting millions of lives.

Iris is a business-to-business partner. Because Generali Global Assistance does not sell directly to consumers, you can be assured that we are invested in your success.

Iris can:

  • Boost revenue with minimal administration
  • Enhance brand loyalty by demonstrating the value of financial and emotional well-being
  • Increase customer touchpoints with regular communication and a new platform
  • Differentiate products with new features

Iris provides an advantage over other identity protection providers.

  • Backed by the multinational Generali Group, with the trust of full legal compliance and a dedication to partnership
  • Flexible, customizable packages to meet your customers’ needs
  • Rapid and hassle-free implementation
  • Choice of white label, co-branded or Generali Global Assistance-branded platform and materials
  • Marketing and sales support to drive sales and customer use
  • Dedicated account manager to assist with set-up, roll out and maintenance

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